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Remote and Onsite Speaker/Career Coach. Specializing in: Positive Attitude Interventions for Wellbeing and Successful Career Longevity; Personal Branding; Multigenerational Workforce Communication; Leadership Strategies for a Productive Engaged Workplace; Job Search Strategies That Work No Matter Your Age.

Renee Lee RosenbergRenée Lee Rosenberg, MA, LMHC


In a world where information overload, uncertainty, and volatility distract us daily, I help my clients regain control, assess transferable skills, create a personal marketing plan, remain resilient, find career happiness, and confidently move forward.

As Chief Attitude Adjuster, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Coach, PositivityPro, and Age Rebrander, I work with professionals to be more productive, engaged, and successful in their life, their business and their career by offering EQ-positive attitude-adjustment interventions for creating business and career awareness, building confidence, resilience, happiness, and well-being.

I specialize in virtual interviews, personal resume assessment, one-sheet production, and anti-ageism strategies, not just for folks 50+ but of all ages.

I also work with organizations and leaders who want to build actionable steps to improve intergenerational communication within their workforce and create an inclusive, diverse multi-generational workforce with high rates of engagement, productivity, and retention.

Listen to Renee’s interview, “Staying Positive During Challenging Times”, on Niels Brabandt Leadership Podcast, NB Network. Interview ranked top of all episodes published on his English podcast (>130 episodes published since May 2020). #positive
How to Stay Positive in Challenging Times

Excerpts from Renee’s Speeches
The Tyranny of the Chronological Age/ or Age is Just a Number

Using A Positive Visualization to Overcome Fear

World speaker, Chris Davidson testimonial PSA-Holland conference





Using Emotional Intelligence to Ace In Person or Virtual Interview
Friday, September 10, 2021
How strong emotional intelligence traits can help to ace an interview and help get the job offer.
Focusing on developing strong EI traits can also help you to create a less stressful, happier career and life journey.

Here is the link:

Building Resilience With a Positive Attitude
Monday, May 3, 2021

Resilience Strategies for Keeping Stress at Bay
Monday, March 15, 2021

Positive Approaches for a Productive Job Search No Matter Your Age
Monday, April 5, 2021

January Wednesdays @ 10 am EST Renee Lee Rosenberg presents “Career Finders Club” – a three-part series.
Over three Wednesday mornings (January 6, 13 & 20) you can build a solid foundation for your job search progress.

Session 1, January 6, 2021: “Presenting Your Brand Virtually – Who Your Are and What You Offer”

Session 2, January 13, 2021: “How Current is Your Resume? Do You Need a Cover Letter?”

Session 3, January 20, 2021: “Preparing to Ace the Interview – Virtually or in Person”

“Keeping Stress at Bay”, Part 4
November 6, 2020
NYC Library System
Google Meet Webinar

“Older Workers Rock”
November 30, 2020
NYC Library System
Google Meet Webinar

“Staying Resilient And Productive During
Changing Times”, December 2, 2020
Hadassah Women NE Region
Zoom Webinar

PSA UK Speaking Business Summit,
Presented on: Reinventing Yourself For Career Longevity,
October 9, 2020
Speech on Hopin platform

Career Finders Club, three part series,
Branding, September 1, 2020
Virtual Interviewing, September 2, 2020
One Sheet and Resumes, September 3, 2020
NYC Library System
Google Meet Webinar

Keeping Stress at Bay, Part 3,
August 24, 2020
NYC Library System Google Meet Webinar

Legacy Leadership Summit, with Jann Freed, Guest Speaker on topic:
“Resilience and Career and Business Transition”, June 22, 2020
Zoom meeting

Resilience: Bouncing Back From Difficult Experiences, panel presenter
June 18, 2020.
NYC Library System
Zoom Webinar

Keeping Stress at Bay, Part 2,
May 26, 2020
NYC Library System Google Meet Webinar

Job Search Career Panel. My topic: “Resilience, Positivity and Mindfulness”
May 14, 2020
NYC Library System
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Keeping Stress at Bay, Part 1,
April 14, 2020
NYC Library System Google Meet Webinar



I am well-versed in multicultural and multigenerational employment issues. I have coached Japanese executives in New York and Tokyo helping them acclimate to the American business culture. I have assisted C-Suite leaders to implement strategies for improving intergenerational communication problems.




Achieving the Good LifeAchieving The Good Life After 50: Tools And Resources For Making It Happen Available from



I have an MA in counseling and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with over twenty years’ experience in career transition and career management counseling. I maintain a private practice in NYC as well as a virtual career coaching group.



I am a former executive board member of the National Speakers Association, NYC (NSA-NYC), former Vice President and program chair of NY chapter of the International Association of Career Professionals (IACP). I presently serve on the executive board of The Career Development Specialists Network and I am a member of the National Career Development Association, The Association of Psychological Type, NY, and a Master Certified Career coach.



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Talking about my philosophy of gratitude on Italian TV.



My focus includes transition and career coaching for lawyers, creative artists, IT professionals, individuals over-fifty, any person who feels stuck in their career transition, or is wondering what to do when they retire. Former faculty member of NYU Center for Career, Education and Life Planning. Career workshop presenter Baruch College and Pace University. Qualified to administer and interpret various skills and interests inventories, including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Assessment.

I am also an accomplished studio jeweler in New York City.