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Motivational Speaker/Trainer/Coach specializing in experiential, positive, collaborative interventions for attitude change–to change negative attitudes to more positive productive beliefs; help in managing a multi-generational workforce and offering training and coaching for workers over 50.


“Renée presented a very lively, informative…closing keynote…she provided us with solid examples and exercises to rejuvenate our spirits in a humorous manner. A rare accomplishment I have not found very often in other speakers.”

-B. B., M.Ed., CMP Senior Consultant, Human Resource Consulting

“Renée’s Keynote…had everyone charged…Renée is knowledgeable in her subject area, has the ability to communicate her information and ideas clearly, is an outstanding speaker, and has the power to motivate her audience. Great job!”
-A. G., MS, Career Counselor

“I attended Renée’s closing keynote…along with approximately 200 other participants…this was truly an effective culmination to the conference, sending all of us on our way with…renewed physical energy, and the enthusiasm to ‘take on the world.’ I would highly recommend this workshop to any group of professionals.”
-K. V., Past President, U.S. National Board, Association of Career Professionals

Billy Selekane, S. African speaker comments on Renee’s speech at Professional Speakers Association, Holland, April, 2013