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Offering Success Interventions for intergenerational productivity in the workplace and achieving career/life happiness no matter your age.

About Renée

Renee Lee Rosenberg
Hi, I’m Renée Lee Rosenberg, MA, LMHC, a talent development coach, trainer, international speaker, EQ career management and inter-generational productivity coach with over 30 years’ experience helping individuals and organizations manage change, eliminate burn out, increase intergenerational workplace engagement, productivity, personal well-being and career/life happiness.

As the PositivityPro I work with individuals and organizations experiencing workplace disruption, career change and stressful life-career transitions. Specialize in Emotional Intelligence strategies to create positive change for folks 50 and beyond who want to stay in their present workplace.or want to conduct a successful new job search. Work with organizations to improve intergenerational communication building an engaged, happy, productive workforce with high rates of retention. As an EQ career coach, mental health counselor and professional speaker I offer services to individuals and organizations including one on one counseling and group coaching both virtual and in person and virtual and in person presentations.

I work with individuals to be more confident on the job, as well as helping them to assess and discover their dream goals and take actionable steps to achieve a successful job transition to a happier career, better work/life balance or to explore an informed transition toward a fulfilling, active partial retirement.

I use actionable tools and strategies to help eliminate ageism stereotypes, reduce stress and help clients achieve a satisfying career no matter your age. I offer high content help with resumes, virtual interviewing, virtual networking, communication and confidence building skills, attitude adjustment, cold calling, identifying the hidden job market, and semi retirement exploration.

I work with: Lawyers, Business Owners, Executives, Leaders, Educators, Administrators, Entrepreneurs, Media Consultants, IT, Publishing, and Financial Professionals.



I am well-versed in multicultural and multigenerational employment issues. I have coached Japanese executives in New York and Tokyo helping them acclimate to the American business culture. I have assisted C-Suite leaders to implement strategies for improving intergenerational communication problems.



I have an MA in counseling and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with over twenty years’ experience in career transition and career management counseling. I maintain a private practice in NYC as well as a virtual career coaching group.



I am a former executive board member of the National Speakers Association, NYC (NSA-NYC), former Vice President and program chair of NY chapter of the International Association of Career Professionals (IACP). I presently serve on the executive board of The Career Development Specialists Network and I am a member of the National Career Development Association, The Association of Psychological Type, NY, and a Master Certified Career coach.



My focus includes transition and career coaching for lawyers, creative artists, IT professionals, individuals over-fifty, any person who feels stuck in their career transition, or is wondering what to do when they retire. Former faculty member of NYU Center for Career, Education and Life Planning. Career workshop presenter Baruch College and Pace University. Qualified to administer and interpret various skills and interests inventories, including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Assessment.

I am also an accomplished studio jeweler in New York City.